Wednesday, March 28, 2007

21 Home Business Ideas

If you are thinking about starting your own home-based business, the available options can be almost dizzying. However, there are many tried and true home-based businesses that may be just what you are looking for. Below are the top 21 home business ideas, in no particular order.

1. Personal trainer. If you are fitness-minded, you can start your own career as a personal trainer.

2. Yoga instructor. Begin sharing your expertise with others by teaching yoga classes. There are a number of online resources, depending on the school of yoga that you practice. The Yoga Alliance Web site provides information on yoga schools, certification, insurance, and so on.

3. Tutoring. You can start a business tutoring students by advertising at schools, the local YMCA, and other places frequented by families. If you have children, talk to their teachers and determine the needs of your school district.

4. Business coaching. Have experience with management or some other specialized business skill? Share it with others by becoming a business coach. The International Coach Federation provides certification and a coach referral service for its members.

5. Making and selling candles and crafts is a great way to involve your children in your work. If you are handy at making attractive crafts, you can have your children help you create them and you can easily market these items from your home.

6. Catering can be a good fit for busy parents who love to cook and entertain. Most of the work can be done in your home while looking after your children, with only a minimum of time spent out of the house.

7. Medical claims billing. This industry is one of the most popular work-from-home businesses — so much so that suspect companies have been popping up on the Internet and in classified advertisements. can help you locate transcription training courses online.

8. Accounting. There are many franchises and opportunities available for certified public accountants. If you are interested in getting certified, take a look at the Web site of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for information on specific state requirements.

9. Web design. If you can design quality Web sites, consider turning your skills into a home-based business. Although the software and hardware costs can be steep, good Web designers tend to be well-compensated for their efforts.

10. Online affiliate programs do not require you to directly interact with customers or worry about finding room for products in your home. You can start a successful affiliate business by finding companies that offer products you are interested in and marketing them on the Internet.

11. Freelance typing jobs are a great way to earn money from home. Even in this age of ubiquitous computers, there continues to be a demand for skilled typists.

12. Publishing e-books can be a great way to share your knowledge with a vast market. You can write and sell e-books on any number of topics. If you have been successful at juggling a family and a home business, an e-book is a great way to share your secret with others.

13. Remodeling. If you are a gifted carpenter or contractor, you can turn your passion into your own business. The SBA provides loans to experienced contractors looking to renovate homes or businesses in order to sell them.

14. Interior design. If you have a flair for the creative, consider interior design. The American Society of Interior Designers Web site provides resources for aspiring interior designers, including a list of each state's requirements for licensing.

15. Catering or personal chef. Consider starting your own catering or personal chef business from your own kitchen. You can set yourself apart from competitors by providing specialized services such as low-carb or vegetarian menus.

16. Gift baskets. Gift basket creation is a popular and creative home-based business. Target both individuals and businesses to increase potential sales.

17. Wedding planner. If you are an ace at organizing important events and have a rolodex full of contacts, consider becoming a wedding planner. There are numerous online certification courses online, including one from Weddings Beautiful.

18. Personal shopper. If you are a great shopper with an eye for people's personal styles, you can offer your services to those less inclined. In addition, consider providing a gift shopping service for those too busy to shop themselves.

19. Concierge. If you have a lot of energy, a love for the mundane, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks, consider providing a personal concierge to busy business people or parents.

20. Custom jewelry creation. Designing your own custom design jewelry can be a lucrative pastime. Make sure to wear your own creations as a way to drum up business.

21. Computer repair. Are you the person everyone calls when they have a computer problem? Turn this into a business and start getting paid for fixing fatal errors. Check out Geeks on Call America and Rescuecom if you are interested in franchise opportunities.

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