Friday, March 30, 2007

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Free, bannerless web hosting...'nuff said. The only complaint I have is that reliability is not up to par with the paid hosts, but then again, what do you expect -- IT'S FREE! While I wouldn't use it to host my main site, it's great for testing mini sites and new products.
LinkCounter is a free service that tracks clicks on any link you want to track, from inside, outside, or within your site itself. It's a great way to track affiliate programs and link exchanges, or to create referring links for sites you trade traffic with. They provide you with an unbiased report that you can use to keep track of your outgoing and incoming hits.
Worried about your own site's security? Afraid you might be vulnerable to hackers? Don't wonder -- find out! Security Metrics will give your computer a "FREE Port Scan" where it will test for the 20 most common TCP/IP ports that are often vulnerable. If you're like me, the results will surprise you.
S.C.O.R.E stands for the Service Corps of Retired Executives, and they pride themselves on being the Counselors to Americas Small Business. In effect, S.C.O.R.E. is a non-profit group that offers FREE counseling to anyone who has, or is thinking about starting, a small business. I've utilized their trained counselors on numerous occasions, and have been grateful every time.
Spyonit has dozens of FREE spy tools that allow you to keep tabs on all the sites and auctions that matter most to you. (Including your competition's.) There's too much there to describe it all, so go to the site now to check it out. They're also adding new "spies" fairly frequently, so check back often. Who knows what they'll come up with next?
TracerLock is another "spy" type tool that monitors search engines, UseNet groups, and personal ads for whatever word or phrase you tell it to. It's great for keeping tabs on the competition, and seeing what others are saying about you or your business. They have both a FREE and a paid service, so check it out.
If you've been keeping up with software or e-biz news, then you've no doubt heard of the controversy surrounding traffic stealing software such as Top Text and Surf+. This site is dedicated to eradicating the world of such thieves. It will tell you if your computer is currently "infected", and give you some lines of code that will disable the traffic thieves when they "invade" your site.
This is easily my new favorite newsletter. Trafficology's creator, Wayne Yeager, gives away literally THOUSANDS of dollars each month for new and creative traffic generating ideas. He then turns around and gives these ideas to his subscribers for FREE. I've been receiving the newsletter for a few months now, and I have yet to be disappointed. While some of the ideas are WAY too crazy for me to EVER try, the newsletter is *always* entertaining, and often useful.
Onebox is an incredibly low-cost service (I believe I pay around $10 a month for it) that provides you with an email address, a fax number, and voice mailbox -- all in one place! If you're just starting out and you need a phone service, but don't want to pay hefty charges to your local phone company, this could be an ideal solution.

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