Monday, April 16, 2007

Your Internet Business

With that in mind, let's design a way to make the most money in the least time that will lead to the greatest freedom. Agreed?
In this book I show multiple ways for the average nontechie to earn serious amounts of income from the Internet. This is 24/7/365 money . . . the kind of income that most people only dream about. And it can happen fast.
How fast? In testing ideas for this book, I was able to generate almost $100,000 cash in only 24 hours. How did I do it? By using only one of the many powerful methods for making serious money on the Internet that you learn in this book.

I also help you avoid the pitfalls of the Internet. Frankly, too many peo-ple jump onto the Net hoping to find fortune. They launch a Web page and expect the money to start pouring in. It doesn't work that way.
When you think of the World Wide Web, it sounds impressive. It's less impressive when you realize that the Web consists of millions of pages of information stored on millions of linked computers. According to Scientific American, another million pages of information are being added every single day. Swirling in this blizzard of data is your Web site. The more popular the Web becomes, the harder it is for people to find you. Hiring someone to create an eye-popping Web site for you is not the answer. This is not the "field of dreams": If you build it, they won't come—not unless you give them a darn good reason.
You need to view the Internet as just another marketing medium, simi-lar to radio or TV with the added advantage of instant interactivity. Once you understand this, then you can use this incredible communication tool to deliver your marketing message faster, cheaper, and more easily to larger and larger numbers of upscale consumers.

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