Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get Paid for Providing Marketing Research Data

Consider the following facts and questions;

* The life blood of many companies is to have current market research at their fingertips in order to keep tabs on their markets and competitors

* To this end they are always looking to get a wide range of people's opinions from all walks of life - in fact they are so desperate for this that they are willing to pay for it.

* This is why getting paid for providing your opinion in the form of marketing surveys is such big business and is a totally viable way to make some extra cash or even a steady income.

* How much can I make?
The amount you can make obviously depends on how many market research surveys you complete - they generally pay between $5 and $75 for each survey completed - so work it out for yourself, the earning potential is fairly significant.

Participating in focus groups can net you $150 an hour and phone surveys at $120 an hour.

* Will I have enough surveys to do?
The trick therefore is to be able to get a constant supply of surveys to make it worth your while. So even if you are a survey recipient with some of the biggest market research companies you still may not have enough volume to be able to make enough money.

* How to ensure I get enough surveys?
The best way to make sure you have enough surveys is to sign up with a legitimate survey company that makes it it's business to provide it's subscribers with a constant flow of surveys, focus groups, shopping assignments, etc.

* Where to find a legitimate Survey Company?
Check out Survey Scout - they have been around for ages and have a good reputation in this industry that has seen many scams.

...or, Maximum Paid Surveys who have an excellent reputation in providing enough quality surveys to make decent money from.

In conclusion this is not only a legitimate way to make money online, you can start immediately without needing any sort of internet expertise or experience.

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