Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tips to make money more than $100 a day from google adsense

* Earning Ambition

It's worth mentioning this as many Adsense publishers don't believe that their website is worth more than a few Adsense dollars a month &, whats more, they are satisfied with that.

This is a load of rubbish because the more you believe & want to earn big money from Adsense the better chance you have of achieving this goal.

Just remember that the amount of your effort & commitment to your goals is directly proportional to what you get out - little input = little earnings.

* Adsense Positioning

If your ads are hidden away & out of site its unlikely that your site visitors will be clicking on them which means that you will be earning zero Adsense income.

Generally you should ensure that you have some ads displaying above the fold, ie on your page where your site visitor won't have to scroll down to see them.

However it's useful to have a skyscraper down one of the sides as well - also check out Google's heat map which gives a good insight into the most popular ad placement positioning.

* Your Website Niche

You need to target a niche that is both popular & not too competitive - difficult to achieve this, I know, but try & get the right balance.

If your topic is on something like the mating habits of the north sea clam I don't think you will have many site visitors, let alone any advertisers for Google to serve up Adsense ads on this topic.

The above are just 3 tips that can influence your Adsense earning potential however there is still a lot you need to know to make serious money with AdSense.

And if you don't have that information, you're just throwing money away by not maximizing your Adsense earning potential with new or existing sites.

A word of caution - whilst Adsense is an easy way for website owners and bloggers to make easy money do not bite the hand that feeds.

Be sure to read and fully understand the Adsense ToS (Terms of Service) because Google is ruthless to those who contravene their terms and usually banish them to finding a far less easy way to earning money online - once you've had your account disabled there is no way back.

Google's sophisticated systems will know whether you've employed some dodgy system to click your ads (for example) so do not try and cheat - Google will always catch those who think they can beat the system and summarily close their accounts - which is understandable as Google doesn't want their advertisers to be paying for fraudulent clicks.

For instance if you are making $15,00 a day you could practically double that (without increasing your traffic) by implementing a few simple strategies which are revealed in Joel Comm's Adsense Secrets book.

Joel Comm is generally accepted as the internet's leading authority on Adsense so if you want to claim your piece of the $3.2 billion Dollar Google Cash Machine you should listen to what Joel has to say.

Without giving too much away by implemeting some of his tips and tricks some publishers increased their daily revenue stream by 1600% - they went from $30 a day to over $500 a day - how's that for a real impact on Adsense earnings.

Every chapter of his ebook is overflowing with practical advice, screen-shots of actual web pages and a rare insight into the nuts-and-bolts that drive a successful AdSense business.

So if you are just starting out with Adsense or have been an Adsense publisher for years you will be able to significantly maximize and increase your Adsense income by implementing the strategies in Joel's latest book - Adsense Secrets 4 - and what's more is that it is currently selling for just $9.95

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